With February nearly at a close, the warm and sunny sights of Spring finally feel within our grasp. And while we won't exactly miss the slippery roadways and finger-numbing temps, there is one part of winter that we will miss, and that's the ski season.

With so many resorts spanning North America, we're absolutely spoilt for choice, and the long winter (and record-breaking snowfall) means we have at least another month to take full advantage. To add to your incentive, you can actually ski for free at particular Tahoe resorts until April 1, if you participate in one teeny tiny catch: you have to buy a license plate.

Okay so that might not sound related whatsoever, but the deal is part of the "Plates for Powder" program, which offers two free lift tickets to individuals who purchase a new Lake Tahoe license plate in either California or Nevada. According to a press release, the sales "go directly to the California Tahoe Conservancy and Nevada Division of State Lands to fund hiking and biking trails and watershed restoration projects", which means you can enjoy the outdoors while helping to support them.

Included in the deal are Diamond Peak, Homewood Mountain Resort, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe, Sierra at Tahoe, Tahoe Cross Country, and Tahoe City Winter Sports Park. That's seven amazing ski resorts at your fingertips. Or should we say, ski tips.

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