Unofficially considered the most Irish city in all of America, Boston takes St. Patrick's Day very seriously. Their huge annual parade never fails to draw enthusiastic crowds of up to a million, all decked in green – but a new report is raining on that parade.

Wallet Hub recently conducted a study comparing St. Paddy's traditions amongst the 200 most populous American cities. Using metrics such as the number of Irish pubs per capita, the number of parades previously held, the average price of a six-pack, and the city's average crime rate – they concluded that Boston is in fact not number one. Rather, Buffalo, New York and Madison, Wisconsin took home gold and silver, respectively.

Despite the shocking findings, Bostonians can still rest assured that they are number one for the most St. Paddy's celebrations per capita. No matter which city you're in, make sure you stock up on that beer and ready yourself for March 17th.

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