Friends Joey Chandler

In the words of Janice herself, Oh. My. God. FriendsFest, which originally came to the UK with complete full-scale sets of Monica's apartment, Central Perk, Ross and Rachel's Vegas wedding chapel, and Monica's Moon-Dance Diner is coming back. Not only that, but it's even better than before. Yes, Friends fans, this year you can actually walk across the hall from Monica's apartment to hang out in a full-scale set of Joey and Chandler's.

Whether it's decorated with barcaloungers or lawn furniture and a canoe we're unsure of, but either way it's bound to be good. Between Pheobe and Chandler having a seduction showdown, Joey being locked in the entertainment center, and Emma's first birthday, the space is filled with memories. We'll never forget when the chick and the duck got stuck in the foosball table, or when Ross said "it's always been you, Rach." *heart melts*

The sets will be touring the UK with stops in Sheffield, Cardiff, Manchester, Oxfordshire, Essex, and London. You can see the full list of dates below, and grab tickets from Comedy Central's website as early as tomorrow, February 24, for £26.

Hillsborough Park, Sheffield: July 7 – July 16
Bute Park, Cardiff: July 21 – July 30
Heaton Park, Manchester: August 4 – August 13
Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire: August 18 – August 27
Hylands House, Essex: September 1 – September 10
Clissold Park, London: September 15 – September 24