starwars planes

Our dream of flying the Millennium Falcon may be pretty far off, but we can still get our sci-fi aeronautical fix thanks to All Nippon Airways (ANA). The airline originally unveiled three Star Wars-themed planes back in 2015, and as of March 2017, a fourth will be added to the fleet. 

Of the original three, one plane has a mural of R2-D2 on one side, and BB-8 (the little round droid from The Force Awakens) on the other. The second is painted to look just like BB-8, with the cockpit representing his head and the cabin painted like his body. Finally, the third plane represents our little friend R2-D2, and it’s awesome. You will instantly recognize the blue and grey squares of the robotic star painted on ANA’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner. They even included his eye (well, camera lens), positioned right above the cabin’s windshields.

But what about the fourth? The new addition is an ANA Boeing 777-200 and will be decorated as yet another favorite Star Wars character, C-3PO. The designs will extend even inside the aircraft, with themed paper napkins and cups, headrests, and more.

These Star Wars aircrafts are part of a five-year deal between ANA and Disney, and are all based out of Japan. While the latest C-3PO plane is intended for domestic flights in Japan only, the others have landed in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Vancouver, New York, Paris, Sydney, and more, so your chances of snagging your dream flight are looking pretty good.