Officially named Asia's best restaurant three years in a row, Gaggan in Bangkok isn't just your run-of-the-mill haute cuisine establishment. Owner and chef Gaggan Anand is not one to shy away from experimentation and innovation, and his sense of humor really comes through his culinary creations -- his latest tasting menu being a case in point.

The new 25-course menu has just been released in a new format never seen before: with emojis. A fun twist providing food not just for the palate but also food for thought, each symbol can be literal or quite abstract and adds an element of surprise to fine dining. Yes there is the fish and the pig, but what is that lipstick mark? Or that butterfly and the explosion? 

While some Instagrams have hinted at the answers, the ability to combine different emojis within your order means that there's still a lot of mystery dishes to solve for yourself. Confusing, exciting or kitschy? However you feel about this new approach to ordering, one thing's for sure -- Gaggan's bold move has got us☺☺☺.

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