The Doghouse

You know that feeling when you love your local brewery so much you just want to stay there forever? Well the world's first crowdfunded craft beer hotel is aiming to do just that, and you can help to make it a reality.

For as little as $150 per night, you can sleep over at Ohio's The Doghouse, an extension of Columbus' latest brewery, BrewDog. Along with the usual amenities of your typical hotel, you can enjoy ice cold IPA from a tap in your room, get pampered with beer products at the spa, or even soak in an in-room, IPA-filled hot tub, if you wish. And if you're more of a stand-up shower person than a soak person, there's no worries there either – every shower in the hotel is stocked with a beer mini-bar, just in case.

Whether it sounds totally ridiculous or too good to be true, it's quickly becoming a reality. The 50-room hotel is accepting as little as $25 donations for a VIP tour and tasting, and up to $2,000 for a night in the luxury suite (that one with the beer hot tub we mentioned). It's all part of their $75,000 campaign goal – a number they hope to reach by their opening in September 2018..

If you can afford more than that and want to be extra supportive, you can donate $5,000 to design your own beer, or a full $30,000 to host an insane birthday party or wedding. Much like beer, your options are endless. We'll drink to that.

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