The beginning of the year is always the best time to get swole, am I right? New Year's resolutions are still fresh, the gyms throw around deals and sign-up bonuses, and everyone is dealing with the same holiday weight situation. But what if we told you that the best place to start your new transformation wasn’t at a gym, but at a museum?

That's right, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting exercise classes starting January 19. Known as The Museum Workout, the physical exhibit is a collaboration between American dance company, Monica Bill Barnes & Company, and writer/illustrator Maira Kalman. Every day the museum will open up at 8:30am (an hour and a half before normal hours) for small groups to partake in the sweat-inducing fun.

You’ll work your way through the varying pieces of art and culture while undergoing a continuous series of exercises and stretching. This isn’t your typical Rihanna-fueled workout session though — instead your soundtrack is an eclectic mix of old-school disco and Motown hits. Tickets start at just $35, which really isn’t far off from the cost of a typical spin class, and way more creative. So, you can sit on a spin bike and listen to last years hits, or you can get pumped to disco and Motown, while surrounded by some of the world’s best art. On until Feb 12, the choice is yours.

For more information on Monica Bill Barnes & Company, check out their video below.