You know when you're a kid and daydream that all your food was made out of candy? Like, candy spaghetti, candy green beans, candy brussel sprouts... the imaginary list goes on. Now thanks to our favorite 90's toaster pastry brand, that dream is kind of becoming a reality.

Okay, so it isn't vegetables turning into candy, but Pop-Tarts has made an entire menu themed after their filled and frosted snack. The cafe, which can be found in New York's own Times Square for two more days, has creations ranging from Birthday Fiesta Nachos (Pop-Tarts "chips," loaded with sweet spins on spicy toppings), Pop-Tarts Burritos (Pop-Tarts rolled in fresh, sweet crepes with different complementary toppings) and even Personal Pop-Tarts Pizzas (Frosted Pop-Tarts crust topped with strawberry sauce and fruity "pepperoni"). 

Just in case your sweet tooth is quite literally insatiable, there's even sides you can choose to accommodate your meal. Between shakes, cheesecakes, cake poppers, and even Pop-Tarts flights, you'll be spoiled rotten (er, stale?) for choice.

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