Easter is rolling around and the Kinder Surprises and chocolate bunnies are out in full force. But for New Yorkers this season, there will be a bigger and better way of celebrating the holidays; Master chocolatier Jacques Torres has opened a chocolate museum in Lower Manhattan as of today, and it's the real-life version of the Willy Wonka factory of our dreams.

Partnering with Eddy Van Belle, creator of four other Choco-Story museums in Belgium, France and Mexico, the 5,000-square-foot space will include tasting floors, chocolate- and candy-making classes, 'discovery' areas, and artifacts pertaining to the history of cocoa on display. Chocolates in white, milk and dark varieties, freshly-grounded and spiced Mayan hot chocolate, and hand-made chocolate truffles will be available to satisfy your sweet tooth to the full.

While the former Ritz-Carlton chef and Food Network host hasn't released many other details about the museum, the Instagrams will soon be rolling in. And if it's anything close to the Museum of Ice Cream from last year, you're going to want to line up before the crowds get there first.

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