erotic side of new york city, blonde girl

Something about the sweltering summer heat makes everyone feel a little naughty. Maybe it’s the minimal clothing, or the dewy glow that comes from traversing the sultry city. Or perhaps the heat has nothing to do with it, and you've been considering sexual encounters like these for awhile. Regardless of the reason, New York is home to many types, making for nowhere better to satiate your assortment of sexual cravings. Encouraging this summer steaminess, we’ve created a glimpse into the erotic side of New York city. Read on to explore the tempting array of erotic treats that await...

Slip into Something Sexy

A racy night on the town requires just the right outfit, and what's on underneath matters all the more. Begin your exploration with a tame lingerie shopping excursion. We recommend Maison Close in SoHo–the only US flagship store of the beloved French lingerie line. Decorated in lush jewel tones with flirty touches, the store even looks like a boudoir, which sets the right mood for your journey. Also try lingerie stalwarts Agent Provocateur and La Perla to round out your perfect playful outfit.

Sip at a Speakeasy

After perusing all that leather and lace, quench your thirst at Raines Law Room , a secret speakeasy named after an 1896 law meant to restrict New Yorkers’ liquor consumption. We can't blame the darkened 1920’s-style lounge for being so daring, as there's really nothing hotter than that feeling of getting caught at any moment. Ring a buzzer to gain entry and savor the sexy, secret appeal as you slip inside. Tip: Take a close look at the wallpaper in the bathrooms to see some tantric silhouettes, and if you’re in the mood for something a little more theatrical, visit The Manderlay Bar at the McKittrick Hotel, home to the immersive play Sleep No More . Besides the classic cocktails and live jazz, there just might be a surprise phone call, leading you to unexpected places.

Be Seduced by Burlesque

One of the greatest erotic offerings New York has to offer is its booming burlesque scene, showcasing both classic burlesque (Think vintage style Dita Von Teese) and the edgier neoburlesque. Head to Duane Park for a three-course dinner and a show with TeaseohhRama –a mix of theater, cabaret, variety and burlesque. For those looking for a show that includes drag and performance art, try the Slipper Room –one of the most cutting-edge venues for the explicit art form. Look out for local burlesque luminaries Tigger!, Stormy Leather and Julie Atlas Muz.

Prepare for Pleasure

All that skin likely has put a certain something on your mind, and  Purple Passion/DV8 –a BDSM fetish clothing and sex shop– is the perfect place to prepare for what's in store. Open since 1992, the store features all the restraints, hardware and latex your dirty mind can think of, and features workshops on intermediate rope bondage and latex repair, which sounds both informative and transgressive.

Go All the Way

While often kept in the hush of the underground, NYC is home to some satisfying sex and kink parties. OneLegUp’s Eat-In and Take-Out Soirees, located in private lofts/suites and public lounges/clubs (r espectively) will give you a glimpse into what's available. Whether you want to watch stimulating performances while topless or go all-the-way, OneLegUp’s service has you covered with an Active Membership Plan for couples and single ladies to get all the info on their exclusive, erotic parties. If you dare to enter into the fetish community, head to Fetish Tribe’s parties–Impact and Suspension. It shouldn’t take too much of a filthy mind to imagine what goes on at each one (flogging/spanking and rope suspension/riggers). Not a typical “dirty dungeon,” Fetish Tribe’s parties are open to any level, and offer a safe place where you can work your way up.