Santa baby, put a little cash in the tree, for me... so I can climb Mount Everest in the new year. If it's been your life-long dream to climb the world's highest mountain, you're going to need it, because spoiler alert: it's about the price of a brand new Tesla. 

You may have thought roughing it on a rugged mountain would be cheap, but standard supported climbs generally run between $28,000 and $85,000, and can reach as high as $115,000.This is because you aren’t simply flying to the mountain and climbing it — you have to fly to Nepal, then to Lukla or Lhasa, then hike to a base camp, which takes about a week. That means that after you pay for airfare, you have to pay for either yaks or porters to transport your gear, lodging, and food (and beer, depending on your group) for your trek to the base of the mountain. If danger happens to be your middle name, you can squeeze by for under $20,000, but we really wouldn’t recommend it. 

In addition to travel costs, a Nepal Visa, immunizations, climbing permits (which are $11,000 per person in Nepal), a required Sherpa Guide, yaks, evacuation insurance, medical coverage, and gear are all necessary. Your gear alone can ring in at over $30,000, after you get high-tech clothing to keep you warm, oxygen, tents, sleeping bags, climbing equipment, satellite phones, and more.

With a total body count of about 250 on Everest, it appears many climbers have more money than sense. Keep in mind that you can buy stuff, but you can't buy skill — make sure you’re ready before you sign that check.