New Yorkers went nuts over last summer’s Museum of Ice Cream, and now the west coast is about to get a taste of the same sweet success.

The interactive exhibit, which includes an ice cream scoop teeter-totter, wall of waffle cones, immersive chocolate room, and swimmable pool filled with sprinkles, is coming to Los Angeles next month. And yes, those helium-filled edible balloons will also be on site. While the actual opening date has yet to be released, we can tell you that it’s in March, and that it’s likely in the Santa Monica or Venice Beach area.

Created by 24-year-old Maryellis Bunn and 36-year-old Manish Vora, the exhibit sold 30,000 tickets in just five days at the original location across from the Whitney Museum in NYC. Yeah, that’s some serious action in a short amount of time (which makes sense why Tinder jumped in as a sponsor... ha).

So if you want to pay tribute to frozen dairy treats and give the museum a visit, you’re going to want to act fast. Oh, and make sure you have Instagram at the ready — those neon signs and rainbow sprinkles are far too photogenic.

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