For all you Fast and Furious fans who find flooring it on your morning commute all too tempting, Porsche understands that the struggle is real, and has launched a much safer solution.

The newly-opened Porsche Experience Center in Carson, California spans 53 acres and comprises over four miles of racetrack, including banked curves, a tricky slalom course, and a lengthy straightaway to hit breakneck speeds. There’s even an icy hill simulator; a low-friction slope with a constant stream of water flowing over it and components that randomly kick the car’s wheels, causing the car to slide and the driver to act. The best part yet? All the driving is done in one of their 77 Porsches, with some cars valued at over $100,000 USD. 

Packages start at $385 for a 90-minute session in a 718 Boxster, and go up to $950 for a 90-minute session in both a 911 Turbo and a 911 GT3 with a driving coach. Other available models include the 911 Carrera S, Cayman GTS, and Panamera GTS. Plus, after your adrenaline rush has settled somewhat, you can stay for a meal at either their restaurant or cafe, both of which are on-site.

We have to warn you though, leaving those shiny new Porsches behind can be hard, especially when they are for sale. This could get dangerous...