ball pit

If you remember BallieBallerson, you're going to love GlowyMcGlow. So much more than just fun nicknames, the famous adult ball pit that came to London in December has had a makeover, and it's quite literally glowing.

Filled with 250,000 clear plastic balls, the pit has been lined with 10,000 LED lights and mirrors to create a 'pulsating' glow effect from the dance floor up. With each two-hour session, you can play, dance, and even swim in the chest-deep pool of balls as many times as you like, making frequent visits to the quirky bar upstairs in between bouts. Also decorated with glow in the dark balls and murals, it's here that you can get your hands on planet-themed cocktails like the Neptune (charcoal and liquid nitrogen), Saturn (topped with a helium balloon), and the Uranus (which requires you to eat a 'Miracle Berry' pill to make it not taste like ass).

According to an article by TimeOut, you can expect DJ's to "spin everything from funk to soul and '00s ragged house music, adding a sprinkle of adult hedonism to the nostalgia." We're pretty stoked with the concept, and can imagine that tickets will sell out fast. Divided into two time spans, the Brunch option includes two hours of bottomless prosecco, bottomless punch, bottomless spaghetti meatballs or veggie balls, and of course access to the ball pit itself. The other option, Evening, is where you'll find those aforementioned planet-themed drinks between trips to the ball pit. 

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