It's safe to say that Americans love fall. There's the specialty drinks at Starbucks, fall fashion, and, of course, all the colorful leaves. We totally freak over the greens, yellows, reds, and browns, so we can understand why people are loving Spring in Japan. That, my friends, is sakura season — when pretty pink flowers take over the cities, towns, riversides, rooftops, and pathways covering everywhere you look with delicate petals. 

Naturally, much like with the fall leaves in North America, there are certain parts of Japan that boast incredible amounts of cherry blossoms. Hokkaido, for example, has both plum and cherry trees blossoming at the same time, covering a star-shaped fort that dates back to 1857. Hirosaki Castle Park is also a prime place for spotting the pink petals — you can walk along the castle's moat for a stunning view of the blossoms, castle itself, and the snow-covered peaks of Mt.Iwaki in the distance. Should you find yourself in Tokyo, make sure you head to Ueno Park. While crowded with tourists, it truly is the best place in the city to view more than 1,000 cherry blossom trees, and better yet, they all get lit up in the evenings.

To get your inspiration flowing, we've scoured one of our favorite platforms (hi, Instagram) for stunning pictures of sakura season in Japan. If the last couple paragraphs didn't already have you searching for flights, then these 14 photos definitely will.

Cherry blossoms aren't the only thing to see in Japan. Our vlogger Alinna Mcleod discovers the other side of Tokyo by dining in the middle of a robot battle: