Road trip season may be dwindling, but there’s still time to get behind the wheel and have a whirlwind adventure. While North America is no stranger to incredible road trips (Route 66, we're looking at you), there are some incredible sojourns to be made slightly further afield. Say, the rocky bluffs of Ireland?  

The Wild Atlantic Way has been deemed “the journey of a lifetime,” and is a road trip that takes you through 2,500 kilometers of Ireland’s west coast. Traveling through the Northern Headlands, the Southern Peninsulas, the Bay Coast, the Cliff Coast, the Haven Coast and the Surf Coast, you’ll pass through little fishing towns, see beautiful beaches and traverse daunting cliffs that drop down to the rocky shore.

You’ll also experience some of the best Irish cuisine, from the likes of Shells Café in Sligo and Burren Smokehouse in Clare, and even see Tory Island, one of Ireland’s most historic locations. 

Make sure you have plenty of time for this trip though. With the unpredictable countryside of rural Ireland you can’t expect to get an average speed of more than 65kph (40mph), so give yourself a good two or three weeks to complete the drive from end to end. 

But judging by some of these views along the way, we'd suggest taking a little longer.