The first ever luxury rail experience of it's kind in Ireland, the Belmond Grand Hibernian offers travelers an exceptional way to see the country in style. Once on board the train, guests experience everything from the island's dramatic coasts, fascinating cities and sprawling green countryside that make up the enchanting land. 

Up to 40 guests can stay in the elegant cabins on the Belmond Grand Hibernian, where classic Georgian architecture has inspired the traditional yet contemporary design. And to add to the cultural impact of your journey, each carriage is named after an Irish county with traditional tartan interiors to match. Guests can also relax with a pint of local stout in the observation car, which boasts the same warmth and elegance as a Dublin saloon. Live music, animated storytellers and craft sessions are likely to be found here, all while you take in the stunning scenery through the large car windows. 

The on-board dining is equally amazing, as guests experience only the most authentic Irish fare. We're taking fresh seasonal vegetables, artisan cheese and smoked fish. A unique approach, menu options also feature ingredients from the regions the trail travels through. 

The Belmond Grand Hibernian is offering two, four and also six night vacation journeys for guests to go and explore vibrant cities, ancient castles and observe rare wildlife. Each journey begins in Dublin and can go as far as Northern Island, depending on the length of your stay. The 'Taste of Ireland' package travels from Dublin to Belfast and then Waterford and costs €3,160 for two nights. If you want to see everything, the 'Grand Tour of Ireland' has got you covered for seven nights at €7,722. This route goes from Dublin to Cork, Killarney, Galway, Westport, Dublin, Belfast and Waterford before you return back to the capital city of Dublin.