Ladies, looks like we're not the only ones in need of a good face mask every now and then. The Taj Mahal is slated to undergo a beautifying treatment next year by getting slathered in mud for an entire 12 months.

The iconic monument's marbled exteriors have been famously yellowing over the past few decades due to air pollution – and despite a ban on coal-powered industries in the area, it seems that further drastic cleaning processes are required. Built in 1631, the royal mausoleum will undergo a mud-pack treatment of fuller's earth, said to draw impurities out of the stone.

Segments of the building will undergo treatment for six months at a time, with the whole process stretching out to a year. While this may come as disappointing news to anyone looking to travel to India in 2018, hopefully the Taj Mahal will be sitting prettier than ever when you make the trip in 2019.

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