Solo travel is great, don't get me wrong. Sometimes, though, you wish you had someone to share your experience, or to open your eyes to one that you probably never would've thought of on your own. Cue Icelandair's Stopover Buddy Service, in which the airline actually lends you a local member of their crew for your stopover in the country. Yes, really.

The program, which debuted last winter, offers "the chance to see Iceland through the experienced eyes of a local by requesting a Stopover Buddy, an Icelandair employee who acted as their personal host for up to one day." The website then goes on to state "the Buddies are back and better than ever, offering transatlantic guests the chance to celebrate on their Stopover in Iceland."

Whether you want help with celebrating a special occasion, are curious about the ins-and-outs of the local food scene, or prefer to have a driving buddy do the navigating, Icelandair's buddies fit the bill. And last year, one traveler was partnered with the actual airline's CEO. Yeah, we're pretty sure this makes them the friendliest airline ever.