iceland instagrams featured

The land of fire and ice is a mystery to many. From vast volcanic deserts and black sand beaches to snow-capped mountains and deep fjords, Iceland is a country of beautiful contradictions, and it's calling. 

Nearly 25 million years old, Iceland has an assortment of views and vistas you'll want to witness in your lifetime. Likely the most recognized is Blue Lagoon, a beautifully-blue hot spring where bathers can bask in warm, clear waters. Gullfoss waterfall is equally stunning, as is Black Sand Beach and the nearby basalt stacks in Vik. If you're curious about the country's culture, you can dig into the National and Saga museums in the capital, Reykjavik, which showcases Iceland's storied Viking history. 

These 14 Instagrams may give you a glimpse of the country's raw and natural beauty, but only that — a glimpse. To truly experience Iceland, you need to be in the midst of its raw and natural beauty. Low air fare on local airlines has escalated the number of tourists in recent years, but in a country so wide and untouched, you would never pin it as a tourist hotspot. Should you visit (which trust us, you'll want to after seeing these) we recommend a trip between February and March or September and October, when the Northern Lights are at their best. To visit in June means a near 23 hours of daylight (thanks to the midnight sun), whereas to visit in December means 23 hours of darkness. Let us shed a little light on what you can expect:

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