new year new me health and wellness products

Chances are the hashtag 'newyearnewme' will be blowing up our feeds come January. If you want to actually (and not just aesthetically) change yourself for the better, we've got seven products that will help you detox, tone, and even heal your body. 

Skinny Mint Tea

Separated into morning and night teas, Skinny Mint is expertly formulated to boost and cleanse your body, so you're ready for anything. Bring on 2017.
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Healing Essential Oils

Natural wellness is everything, especially when it smells this good. Keep remedies for headaches, pain, stress, your immune system, and digestive system all in one small, stylish wallet. 
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Fitbit Alta

If you didn't track it, did it really happen? Keep your goals and resolutions in check with the sleek Fitbit Alta. It's sweat, rain, and splash proof so you can keep it on for the full five days of battery life.
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Body Boss

Accomplish your fitness resolution in just 12 weeks with Body Boss' step-by-step HIIT program. Under 24 minutes a day, the success lies in the afterburn effect, where you continue to burn fat long after your workout. 
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If Skinny Mint is for your body, Baetea is for your face. The refreshing tea has light and refreshing floral notes, and works to improve your complexion through a blend of antioxidants and minerals. 
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Hair Vitamins

Jam-packed with vitamins, these gummies unlock the secret to shiny, healthy hair that grows like nobody's business. Hashtag hair goals.
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Teeth Whitening

The minimalistic Glo Science whitening system gets you professional-quality results at home, so you don't have to interrupt that Netflix binge for your next dentist appointment. Gotta love first-world problems.
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