Gone are the days of opening your suitcase only to find your favorite pair of kicks totally crushed. HEX, an innovative fashion retailer, has opted for a stylish solution to the terrible travel problem: the Sneaker Backpack. The urban, street-style inspired bag features a compartment that is designed to easily carry a pair of high-top sneakers.

The vented compartment is completely separate from the rest of the bag, meaning any dirt, odor and weight won't affect the rest of your items. Starting at $150, the bag also features a faux fur lined laptop compartment, pocket for your iPad, and surplus grade web straps — a fully compartmentalized bag that appears way more sophisticated than your average carry-on.

The Sneaker Duffel can also stand the trials and tribulations of an airport bathroom floor or soaked tarmac, with its wax-coated exterior. HEX even thought of when you have to rummage for your ID or credit card by including a nifty organizer pocket for easy access.

The best part yet? Never again will you be stuck in your 'flying shoes', waiting for your bag to get to your destination. Keep those hella fresh kicks with you.