Spinali Denim

When it comes to smart technology, some things just make sense. The Apple Watch is one example, and 3D printers are another. The latest innovation to join the industry? Smart connected denim. Yeah, we're not so sure how we feel about this one either.

French company Spinali Design recently unveiled a line of Essential jeans that connect to your smartphone via bluetooth, and work as a navigation assistant. With little sensors embedded in each leg, the pants vibrate to let you know where to turn. When you need to turn right, the right leg vibrates. If your destination is left, the left leg vibrates. If you're going completely in the wrong direction, both legs vibrate together. Powered by a built-in, non-removable battery, Spinali claims the jeans will last four years if you use them once a week — longer if you use them less than that.

It’s a pretty ludicrous idea, but it’s also kind of cool. The theory was to eliminate the need to constantly pull your phone out when trying to get around town, which we can definitely get behind. They also eliminate the need to check your phone for notifications, though that gets a little weirder. You can set them to vibrate for essential messages or emails, so that your pants aren’t blowing up because you liked a popular post on Facebook. They also have a “ping” feature, that lets you make another pair of jeans vibrate. It’s like Facebook’s “poke,” but way, way weirder.

Spinali Design’s Essential jeans are already on the market, and available over at their website in a number of styles, including shorts. They have a few other smart clothing items, so you can get really (or weirdly) connected.