Mermaids may be creatures of legend, but there's a bar in Florida that's just as legendary, and yet totally legit. 

The B Ocean Hotel in Fort Lauderdale is home to the Wreck Bar — an iconic swim show bar that dates back to the 1950's. At the time that the hotel was built (the golden age of tourism in the area) swim shows were quite popular, but as with many other things, they all eventually disappeared. One such bar, however, withstood both time and reality. It's here that guests can immerse themselves in a ship wreck theme — from portholes to rope, and yes, even mermaids. 

The 13-member group of figure swimmers are known as the Aquaticats, and have been trained to hold their breath, keep their eyes open, and even dance underwater. Everything from waterproof makeup to facial expressions is taught, and if you aren't graceful enough to make it look totally effortless, you don't make the cut.

The Aquaticats put on shows every Friday and Saturday night, with the first at 6:30 and the second at 9:30. The earlier show is, well, PG. The second show, however, is when the girls get to channel their inner sirens, performing a sexy burlesque show with much naughtier vibes. 

So there you have it, sailors. If you've long been on the hunt for a mermaid, they're beckoning from the Wreck Bar.

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