Stocked with fresh travel beats from Paris, the city of love and mecca of superior french producers like Slowz, we find ourselves insatiably wandering off again in search of even more music. This week, we tracked down "keyboard masher extraordinaire", Sam Padrul, in Chicago to give us the goods on tunes and cool spots to check out.

If you aren't familiar with the sounds of Sam Padrul, you should probably get acquainted. "Mashing fists on his keyboard until it sounds good", Padrul delivers some of the funkiest and grooviest jams around. No surprise here then, that he decides to serve us an assorted plate of early '80s soft rock/soul tracks to dive into. Peep the retro playlist below and read all about his top hangouts in Chicago, his favorite cities to travel to, and his go-to essentials and travel tips.

Chicago, IL

Favorite Spots in Chicago:

Love the Soho House rooftop--it's always so relaxing and it's a great place to get some drinks and chill by the pool. I also love the Chicago Athletic Association. It's a really beautiful place to get a drink and the rooftop is great as well. The West Loop in Chicago has developed quite a bit in the past few years and there are numerous bars and restaurants around. If I want something a little more down to earth, I'll go to Logan Square or Wicker Park. Perhaps Danny's for dancing and Happy Village for quiet drinks with friends outside.

Favorite City to Travel to for the Food:
I recently visited Washington, DC for the first time. It's a very multi-cultural city with a lot of seafood and diverse bites. I had amazing Afghan food one night, and spicy Belgian mussels the next.

Favorite City to Travel to for the Culture:
San Francisco, because of its diversity. The people are laid back, weird, and they know how to have a good time!

Go-To Travel Essentials:
Deodorant, extra socks, beard trimmer, walking shoes, and my sunglasses.

Sam's Travel Tip:
Use Google Maps to star points of interest or bars that folks recommend. Then, plan your walk around those stars! Also, never be afraid to venture out alone. The best adventures happen then!

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