Navy Pier is about to get lit -- both literally and figuratively. Impulse, a project by Canadian designers Lateral Office and CS Design, has already toured through London, Brussels, Montreal and Scottsdale, and is set to brighten up Chicago with the arrival of their hit LED-lit seesaws from March 10 to May 21.

Situated in the Polk Bros Park, the row of 24 seesaws will be free to the public and open for use all day, every day. They're activated by the motion of the seesaw-rider, effectively making you the 'conductor' of the light show. 

According to the creators, the seesaws also play off of each other's motions, meaning that each ride "will always be different, depending on whether there are 30 people on the site or three people on a single seesaw." So if you haven't hit the playground since you were twelve... now is the perfect time to start reliving your childhood.

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