Anyone who's lived in the Golden State knows the pain of traveling back and forth between the bustling Bay Area and Los Angeles. California is 770 miles long, after all. But thankfully, the world trend of private jet services has finally come to save all the Californians out there.

SurfAir is the latest personalized transportation subscription service to make waves. For $1,950 a month, members can fly as often as needed between San Diego, Santa Monica, Burbank airport, LAX, Santa Barbara, Oakland, San Jose, the Napa Valley, Carlsbad, Lake Tahoe, Monterey or even Palm Springs.

Perfect for tech executives and C-suite types, the service is also offering free trial flights for first-time customers who book before February 28 – so anyone heading out to Coachella or a weekend in Florida should definitely jump on this deal. Why take a boring commercial flight when you can have your 15 minutes of luxury?