Maybe it's a nostalgic throwback to the Little Mermaid, maybe it's Atlantis – one thing is certain, living under the sea has been a popular trend as of late with underwater hotels, underwater art galleries, and underwater spas popping up around the world.

Now the newest addition to this underwater world is The Pearl in Brussels, Belgium. A futuristic pod submerged sixteen feet deep at the bottom of a scuba diving pool, adventurous guests have to put on masks, gas tanks and fins in order to swim to their fancy romantic meal for two.

But don't worry – once you're inside, the diving gear can come off and you can enjoy your lobster salad, foie gras and champagne in a water-free environment. Waiters also dive down to serve the French meals in airtight containers and waterproof briefcases.

Not sure if you're ready to take the plunge? Customers who've never dived before can take an introductory lesson before their meal, and the water is kept at a cozy 91 degrees Farenheit. So for anyone who's sick of the same takeout dinners every night... dive in and shake it up.