Though we're still daydreaming about France after local pop duo Reflex, shared a sweet little playlist with us, this week we're shining the spotlight on somewhere closer to home — San Francisco. The City by the Bay houses a diverse mix of people and cultures, arts and businesses, music and food. It's a city of creatives and visionaries comprised of young up-and-comers like local indie pop outfit, No Vacation. Members Sabrina, Marisa, Nat, Harrison and James are definitely some of the coolest kids on the block, and their music is just as artfully crafted as one would expect from a city full of seasoned artists.

Taking a break from keeping the SF music scene chiller than the fog that envelops it, No Vacation talks to us about their city picks, travel tips and music essentials. As for their playlist prescription for your next city break? A collection of moody pop songs to introspectively walk around a bustling city to.

Location: San Francisco, CA

What are your favorite hangouts in San Francisco?
Harrison: My favorite spots are the small restaurants in outer Richmond, specifically the cash-only places along Balboa between 34th and 38th. Also the coffee shops in the outer sunset.

Tank Hill at night. You can see the whole city and the entire Castro district lit up.

Sutro Baths.

What's your favorite city for indulging in food and local cuisine?
Marisa: Tokyo, Japan!

In Tokyo, I like the little hole-in-the-wall places and variety, plus Japanese food is one of my favorite types of food.

 Tough one, but probably San Diego. Taco El Gordo changed my life, but there's something for everyone in California's chillest city.

What's your favorite city for getting a culture fix?
Nat: Hoa An in Vietnam has a beautiful night life that's full of fun; I love seeing the river lit up with paper laterns and populated with so many people when it's dark. Although there are heaps of tourists, you see the community come out every night and interact with all the visitors. 

James: Probably London. Tubes and queues, what more could you want?

What are some of your favorite go-to travel essentials?

Harrison: Travel essentials definitely include my Polaroid camera, plenty of film, and some quality headphones.

Do you have any tried and true travel tips you swear by?
Nat: Definitely get international data or a temporary SIM card; it'll help with translating and directing you to places especially if there's a language barrier. However, don't completely rely on your phone either! Talk to locals for the best go-to spots. Secondly, focus on enjoying the time and experience of traveling, rather than trying to see every single attraction in a day. Try not to plan too much and make sure to always bring snacks, water, and a small medicine container. Lastly, travel with friends!

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