Having spent the last week grooving to 80s soft rock with Chicago's Sam Padrul, this week we turned our attention to France, for the best recommendations in music and travel. With talent, sophistication and a palate more refined than most, the French really do know how to indulge in the finer things in life. Ludmila and André of southern France's electronic outfit Reflex, undoubtedly embody these traits and were nice enough to share their travel hotspots and music selections with us.

At first listen, Reflex's music is a nod to the superior style of French house with a rather sunny, tropical disposition seamlessly infused in its melodies. The tracks they've shared with us are a choice extension of their style and make for a perfect playlist to travel to. Check out Reflex's fantastic hand-curated playlist down below and read on about their favorite local hangouts, favorite cities, go-to essentials and travel tips.

Nîmes, FR (South of France, near the Mediterranean Sea)

Where are your favorite spots to hang out in Nîmes?
Ludmila: We live in a small Roman city, so you can go to a cafe or little restaurant in front of La Maison Carrée (The Square house) for example, the only remaining ancient temple in the world that's preserved in its entirety. Or also, go for a walk at the ancient park called Les Jardins de la Fontaine (Fountain’s Gardens).

Around the city, we have excellent food at L’ouvre-boîte in Arles; very tasty homemade Cupcakes by Mary Cherry in Montpellier. For the shopping, Maisonhate in Montpellier is a great spot.

And of course, you can go to a party on the beach with local artists or international guests, or go for a walk with horses in Camargue--there’s special landscapes with pink flamingos. A very inspiring place!

What's your favourite city to travel to for food?
Ludmila: Honolulu to eat real Hawaiian ‘poke’; it tastes like Japanese flavors with a tropical twist. We also have to mention another great place to have the best breakfast ever: Food Foundry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

André: It’s complicated to answer, because French food, you know...after a tour, generally our first meal when we come back is French bread and cheese! But I have to admit, the restaurant at the Kee Club in Hong Kong is perfect!

What's your favourite to visit for a culture fix?
Ludmila: Tokyo is my dream city--I love everything about Japan actually. It's elegant and unique.

André: New York; the city represents freedom in music and about everything else.

What are your go-to travel essentials?
Ludmila: Okay, it’s so cliché, but I have to say probably my hair straightener!

André: Our laptop, for sure. Not to be over-connected, but to compose any time and anywhere if we get inspired.

Your hottest travel tip?
Ludmila: The most useful tip EVER: DON’T take too much stuff with you — just a little lightweight luggage with only real-essentials is all you need. No, that shirt is not essential. Remember to feel free and when you’re walking, to appreciate and discover the world!

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